Birth Doula Philosophy & Top Q&As


Have you had formal training?

Yes. I have received DONA birth doula training in 2010. I chose to forgo the certification process to be a DONA certified doula, so that I may offer additional services outside of DONA's scope of practices. Such as, bodywork, essential oils, and yogic practices.

What are your doula fees?

My birth doula fees are $500 payable in payments to fit your needs.

My fees include:

*2-3 prenatal visits with mother & family.

*1 visit to a prenatal appointment with your primary care provider.

*1 prenatal 60 minute reiki massage.

*2 weeks on-call before estimated due date. 100% availability for updates, questions, concerns, and support.

*Unwavering support and assistance during labor and birth.

*Postpartum support via a visit 1-3 days postpartum, and 2 weeks postpartum.

Do you do any postpartum care/follow up?

Yes. I am available for phone calls, and texts to offer support or an available ear. I am also available to bring food, do dishes and laundry, or hold baby while mother showers or naps, with no additional charge during the first 2 weeks.


How many births have you attended?


Do you have experience with birth complications?

Yes. (More info available in person.)

Have you attended home/out of hospital births? The majority of the births I have attended have been out of hospital.

Have you attended a birth that ended in Caesarian?


**Birth logistics

When do I first call you?

I prefer a constant stream of texts to keep me updated as things progress. Its best for me to know your 'play-by-play' as it unfolds. If that isn't possible, I prefer to be contacted as soon as possible to let me know that you are going into labor. From the time that I am called to be at a birth I have up to an hour to arrive.

Is it OK to contact you in the middle of the night?


When do you come to the birth?

Depends on each mother's needs and concerns. Typically by the time active labor has taken over and the mother is requiring more of her energy to focus and soften into the birth process.

How long will you stay?

As long as I am needed.

Will you come to my home or meet me at the birthing place?


Do you have a time limit for long births?

At this point I haven't had one. If over 24hrs I may need to call in my back-up doula to offer support.

How do you work with the husband or partner?

Ideally I am supporting their efforts in comforting and supporting the mother. When in need, I can assist the partner to better care for the mother. I also like to support the partner's need for food and comfort and can give them comfort measures as well.

How do you work with the other birthing staff?

I am hired by the mother and she's who I am there to support and connect with primarily. It is the mother & partner's role to engage with the staff and make requests. However, if we are doing an out of hospital birth, I call the birthing care providers to ensure they arrive in due time.

If you do not make it to the birth, do I get a refund?

I would reserve $150 of the fees to cover prenatal support and services rendered.

**Postpartum Care

How long after the birth do you stay? Until the mother, partner and baby are stable and doing well. Typically an hour or less.

Do you have experience with breastfeeding instruction? Do you know what a proper latch looks like? I do have experience, and offer minimal breastfeeding support and I do know what a proper latch looks like. Typically the birth care providers have more experience and knowledge and typically they are the family's first line of support.

Do you offer postpartum care? Does that cost more? Your first 2 weeks of postpartum care are covered in your costs. Past that time, there would be additional charges based upon services needed.

** Doula style

How do you approach birth?

Birth is a beautiful, natural, powerful process of life, and is to be honored and embraced in whatever way the mother feels is best for her.

What is your doula philosophy?

I believe doulas are successful in increasing positive birth outcomes and decreasing the needs of labor and birth interventions, because of the loving witness that doulas provide. Doulas are there to walk along side the laboring and birthing mother, with complete presence, so there is not just one person bearing the weight of the process, but two.

How would you describe your "style"?

I am a very intuitive person. I arrive and assess the 'scene' for any nonverbal cues from the mother or anything that is out of line with what she has communicated as important in her birth plan. I then continue to hold this energetic-awareness around the space of the mother and family through the birth process. I hold space for the parents to connect and support the partner to be as active in the process as they are able. A quiet, but strong presence. When I feel that there is a need for the mother to be aware of what is happening in her body, I will communicate that and offer assistance.

Do you have any special tactics for pain?

Yes. I use my bodywork skills to decrease pain and help open up areas of tension within the body to assist the birth process.

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