<A blog from my sister blog-site, where I will be editing and revisiting old pieces to share here. First posted on March 31st, 2015.Revised and updated copy below.>

I’ve never been much for titles. And yet, I’ve also been hyper-focused on them. When you write the script of your story, blog, or past… which comes first, the title or the story?Think about that, try on a pair of ‘existential glasses’ and ponder.

With recent growth in my professional practices, I am finally getting around to “branding” myself in a way that is an appt description of ‘who’ I am and ‘what’ it is I do. Needless to say, I have been struggling. How the hell does one funnel themselves down to a “thing” when we are not nouns? We are not things. We are walking, breathing, eating, sleeping, screwing little verbs. A bunch of relative particles. Creative verb-bags of replicating cells. Ha!

And yet, much like you I imagine, I am also hyper-focused on titles. They make me happy. Some of my favorites are: mom, wife, lover, dancer, yogi, healer, teacher, doula. One thing that I have been chomping at the jaws to call myself, is a writer.

I know that the deepest parts of myself is like an ocean of descriptive beauty aching to meet my inner philosophical muse, and to connect and share with you & all the other walking, breathing, eating, sleeping, screwing little verbs of the world. Or at least *my* world, which is only 'just' mine until it passes the corridors of my inner landscape, and becomes ours!


Supposedly it’s on my side, and time for the writings to come out. Ok, truth be told, it very well COULD be my time. Should I choose to take it. The Universe has spoken. I choose to accept it. I have a mission, and a bit of homework to do. It makes me happy to share my inspirations, but nothing compared to the joy it will be to finally share my writing, and “branding efforts.” The products of my labor, my tools, my art, ME!

For now.

Until then.

Much love!


Thank Goddess for Periscope. A place where I can put my musings into form, and deepen my awareness to them, and how I like to communicate them. It has been so helpful for me. In Divine timing, my writing WILL come out! Hooray!

Care to share with me something you're gestating and growing into form beneathe the surface?

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