Peri's DOPE! #Periscope

OH my goodness y'all. There's a fire taking over the internet called Periscope and if you haven't checked it out. You're behind.

It's an app you download to your phone, to livestream videos in private or public "chat rooms." And by rooms, I mean that literally. How awesome to scope (view or cast) in your comfy cozy's with fellow stellar human beings, sitting around waxing poetics, singing your comments, live-painting, channeling spirit guides, giving intuitive card readings or all else their home offices, kitchens,or back yards? I'm connecting with such inspiring humans in all avenues, from all parts of the world! I love it.

Plus, I believe it has potential to make current media models absolute. Remember how Twitter changed your average evening news broadcast? Well, Periscope is Twitter's live-streaming service to counter the movements of Skyping, Google Hangouts, and the like. I've enjoyed tuning into Bernie Sanders rallies, with hundreds of other viewers.

It's revolutionalizing my life and allowing me a brand new outlet to share my wisdom. Plus, something I appreciate, is that my broadcasts are only available for 24hrs. So, to me, I can use it to process thoughts and piece my wisdom together in little snippets, which assists my creative writing process.

There are facebook groups a plenty popping up to support the Peri-movement. I'm a member of #PeriGirls ( and Periscope for Healers with Alli Kennedy, and soon I will be joining a Women who love Jesus and Woo Woo group.

There is seriously no limit to the Peri-verse. If you find yourself there, which you definitely should, add me! @pHJae!


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