“Heidi’s knowledge and intuition allow for an truly healing experience. Her familiarity with the various modalities allows for a truly multi-demensional session. Her abilities to hone in on areas and educate an individual on the root causes for pain or sensation are invaluable. I trust Heidi to take care of all aspects of the human, spirit, body, and mind. A body work session or yoga class with her makes you feel warm and soft and cleared. Out with what no longer serves you, making room for the new steps ahead. Thank you Heidi!” -Erica Dryden


“Heidi is intuitive and professional, her knowledge and experience provide a truly wonderful, relaxing, and healing experience. I can’t wait for my next appointment. I highly recommend her!” - Dorinda Grever



"Heidi Jae contributed a great deal to my experience of being pregnant and giving birth! She intuitively knew what I needed during the pregnancy and the birth. Her presence helped me safe and cared for which in turn helped me focus deeply on bringing my daughter into the world. I believe that her support helped me have an unmedicated birth and gave me the strength to be present with the intensity of the experience. My daughters birth was absolutely transformative on every level. Heidi’s knowledge of birth from the spiritual aspects to the physical were a boon. She helped me face my fears, rest in my power as a woman and trust my body during the birthing experience. I would recommend her to family and friends in a heartbeat! Heidi Jae is an incredible companion to have through the process. I will always be grateful for her support!" - Caitlyn Davies



“I always thought that I would like to learn yoga but it seemed so overwhelming when looking at the poses through TV or movies. I had no idea that yoga was for everyone and the poses could be modified to fit abilities until Heidi Jae explained it to me. I was thrilled! What I like about working with Heidi Jae is that she uses massage and body work to identify and create a yoga experience specifically for me. That means that my body is getting exactly what it needs, not a generic workout created for a classroom setting. I get one-on-one instruction in my home with a program designed just for me . . . it can’t get any better than that!” - Patti Rose