LoveLight Reiki by 
Usui and Tibetan Reiki Master
Heidi Jae

What is Reiki?

The word reiki can be broken down into two Japanese words, "rei" meaning United and "ki" meaning life force. Therefore, reiki energy is Unified Life Force. 

What are the benefits of receiving reiki?

+Relaxed state of body-mind & spirit.

+Calms the "stress response" in the body.

+Allows for deeper breathing and oxygenation of blood. 

+Expands body's vital energy to allow it to operate optimally.


How does it work?

Reiki is the process of moving life force energy into living material (plants, animals, people) for the purpose of health + healing. It can be done in-person or from afar as energy-form is not restricted within the physical-form.

What does reiki do?

Since reiki is an Universal energy, it works within a larger perspective of divine, natural order. The spectrum on which reiki can affect life is far and very broad. It can heal and interact beyond space and time.

Reiki works within the body's intelligence to use the incoming life force energy in a way that the body needs it. Typically this brings a sense of mental, emotional, and physical relaxation while the body uses it's innate healing functions. 


Distance Reiki

The Divine intelligence of reiki, and its healing properties can be administered across space and time. As long as a person allows them self to be open to receive reiki energy, the body's bio-field will receive it. A bio-field is the combined physical and energetic space of each human.