Creating a sacred space to be a channel of higher wisdom and symbolism, Heidi Jae will tune into your frequencies and intentions for a tarot reading. After finishing your card reading, Heidi will create a reiki charged custom altar for you, send you reiki, and have your altar set and sending reiki for a full 24hr period.  


Heidi will do a 10-card spread which looks at the nature of the inquiry, elements that have created it, surrounding it, and are available in the near future. She looks into the energies you are holding in relationship to it and that are surrounding you in the present moment. She also pulls a card for guidance, and a possible outcome. Heidi will send photos of the entrie spread and specific cards that stand out that as key 'messages'. Heidi will email you the content of her intuitive reading and also include photos of guide books when helpful.


The overal time Heidi spends is approximately 60-80min creating this for you, while the reiki will 'work' with you for a full 24hr period. 

Tarot Reading + Reiki Altar