Reiki is a simple and effective tool to channel "Life Force Energy" into any living material for optimal health and vitality.  You can use the information and attunement process of this training for reiki self-treatments, to give reiki to your family, friends, plants, pets, or even your food! You can reiki-charge your water, crystals and minerals, create reiki altars, infuse reiki into your meditation practices, yoga practices, art and/or other creative processes. 


Over the course of 4-6 weeks, depending on each student's process, students will receive:

a LoveLight Reiki Level 1 workbook and learn the history of Usui Reiki, its lineage, the history and difference of how LoveLight Reiki came to be. Explore the qualities of yoga within reiki channeling, the basics of energetic sovereignty, embodying Christed Nature (your truth in embodied connection to Universal God-Goddess Consciousness), how to create reiki ritual, and hold the vibration of loving awareness. 


You will also receive:

A level 1 attunement ceremony

One-on-One hands on reiki from Heidi

Guidance on how to integrate reiki for you and your life, including business tips if desired.

Feedback on your work. 

Direct contact with Heidi for support or guidance at any point.


Heidi Jae will take time to get to know your specific goals, healing/integration process, and assist you in overcoming any barriers you may have. Each student and coaching process is completely unique and tailored to support the student most effectively. There will be a mixture of in-person, recoreded meditations, possible video tutorials, and required exercises in order to receive your certificate. 


During your one-on-one reiki coaching sessions we will:

Connect and share in a safe space.

Practice mindful awareness meditation.

Discover playful ways to strengthen intuition. 

Learn tools for grounding and protection as an empath.  

Understand the history of reiki & the importance of energetic ethics.

Receive a reiki level 1 attunement and blessing ceremony.

Meet your reiki guide(s).

Discover LoveLight Reiki's simple formula to channel reiki effectively.

Practice reiki!


*** Participants will receive workbooks, certificates, and lineage documents after completing all assigned work. Due to the nature of this open ended process, and student responsibility to follow through, all sales are final. Regardless if the student did not complete all assigned tasks in order to receive certificate. No refunds given.***


If you are interested but do not live in Boise LONG DISTANCE coaching and attuning is also available!

Please text Heidi Jae for additional information: 208-695-6225. Or email:

Private Level ONE LoveLight Reiki + Energy Alchemy Coaching