This service is like having your very own private yoga teacher and healer for about a month's worth of time!


A distance reiki moon magic healing session includes:

+A detailed written description of your reiki channeled transmission and intuitive insights emailed to you. In your transmission information is channeled from a higher plane of consciousness, where the higher self of the recipient as well as their guides express guidance and information to benefit the wellbeing of the recipient to Heidi Jae.

+A highly customized and multi-faceted healing session, unlike any card reading or distance reiki healing being offered. 

+Personalized yoga 'therapy' tools such as meditations, breath-work, mantra &/or poses, to support your path of wellness, based upon your reiki channeled transmission. Previous experience with any type of yoga practice is not necessary.

+A single card tarot, angel, oracle, or totem card reading.

+Photos of your custom reiki altar or crystal grid. (Or if your higher self requests: a hybrid of the two.)

+The best part: you get TWO reiki transmissions! One on a waxing moon, the other on a waning moon. (Or vice versa.) Thus, we get to look deeply into the process of your manifestations; things that serve you and things that will facilitate your process(es) of letting go, in order to receive the abundant truth, nature, and support of the Universe. 

+You will also have an opportunity to connect with Heidi Jae prior to your healing transmission to share your intentions, concerns, or challenges so that we can use the power of the moon and the power of the Universe to support you & your dreams!

Distance Reiki Moon Magic