Massage Services

Heidi Jae's massage practice is central to the following modalities: 


Integrative Reiki Massage

Reiki Energywork + Intuitive Healing

Prenatal Massage

Oncology Massage/Compassionate Care

Fire Cupping

Integrative Reiki Massage: A holistic, layered massage experience. Deep levels of relaxation, muscle tension release, and overall healing take place within a very soothing massage. Therapeutic massage, reiki, and reflexology are skillfully and intuitively applied. 60min $80. 90min $100 120min $150.

Reiki Energywork + Intuitive Healing: Not a massage for the muscular system and physical body. Yet, deeply transformative for one's mind-body-emotions and spirit. Reiki is a specific practice to bring Universal Life Force energy into another person from Source. Heidi then weaves a tapestry of healing based upon guidance from each person's body she works with. Every session is unique and soothing. 60minutes. Sliding scale service: $45-$70

Prenatal: Tailored to fit the phases of growth between mother and baby. The mother lying on her side allows for full body massage to release tension from head to toe. Prenatal massage is highly therapeutic for both mother and baby. 60min $60, 80min $90.

Oncology Massage/Compassionate Care: A soothing massage with light to medium pressure to stimulate lymphatic flow and calm the nervous system, is given with skilled and mindful application to consider individual health needs. This massage is great for oncology therapy and beyond. 60min $60, 90min $80.

Fire Cupping: An ancient Chinese practice using a flame and small glass 'cups' to create a force of suction on the body. This "negative pressure" is a fantastic tool to release muscle tension, remove toxins, increase blood flow, and re-distribute the fascial system to optimize muscle's range of motion and decrease pain. 60min $50, added into another treatment for only $20.