Reiki + Spiritual Alchemy

*Distance/Online program in development.

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Reiki + Spritual Alchemy is a series of webinars and private 1+1 teachings designed to enlighten your life and personal practices; taken as a whole, or individuated experiences. This journey will allow you to expand your energetic awareness, healing potential, personal empowerment, and thus impart more of Your Light into the world for our collective benefit. 


Reiki + Spiritual Alchemy teachings include: Chakra Wisdom, Awakened heART Yoga, Energetic Alchemy & Creating Sacred Space; The Universal Womb, Reiki Master Levels 1&2, + MORE!

Now enrolling for Usui Reiki Level 1&2


Reiki is an an energetic modality of wellness that allows a person to bring a higher concentration of vital energy into, and through, their body for personal use or for sharing.


The reiki initiation process coupled with practical self-application of reiki energy flow, can amplify conscious awareness for the intent of healing, personal growth, fulfillment and add depth to any wellness or personal practice.

Level 1 is helpful to assist our physical body and it's needs.

Level 2 is helpful to assist our emotional, mental, and intuitive wellness. A second level attunement, also allows for “distance healing” where reiki is given to a willing recipient across any barrier of space and time.


Students will receive a workbook, homework exercises, have access to a private facebook group to explore and share further understanding, receive private access to Heidi Jae for further teachings.

$230. Payment plans available. 


Reiki students will receive some additional Spirtual Alchemy trainings at low to no cost, or with ample discounts. Contact Heidi Jae for more info.

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